[Ngữ pháp tiếng Hàn] – 100 tính từ thường gặp

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Hãy bắt đầu học từ mới mỗi ngày. Mỗi ngày 25 tính từ mới. Nào cùng học nhé.

1. 행복하다: to be happy
2. 기쁘다: to be glad, happy
3. 화나다: to be angry
4. 슬프다: to be sad
5. 아프다: to be sick, painful
6. 피곤하다: to be tired, exhausted
7. 배가 고프다: to be hungry
8. 목이 마르다: to be thirsty
9. 졸리다: to be sleepy
10. 걱정하다: to be worried
11. 무섭다: to be scared
12. 짜증나다: to be annoyed
13. 놀라다: to be surprised
14. 수줍다: to be shy
15. 재미있다: to be interesting
16. 재미없다: to not be interesting
17. 심심하다: to be bored
18. 지루하다: to be boring, dull
19. 조용하다: to be quiet
20. 시끄럽다: to be loud, noisy
21. 뜨겁다 to be hot
22. 따뜻하다: to be warm
23. 차갑다: to be cold
24. 시원하다: to be cool, refreshing
25. 신선하다: to be fresh
26. 아름답다: to be beautiful
27. 예쁘다: to be pretty
28. 귀엽다: to be cute
29. 잘생기다: to be good looking
30. 못생기다: to be ugly
31. 크다: to be big
32. 작다: to be small
33. 많다: to be lots, many
34. 적다: to be few, little
35. 좁다: to be narrow
36. 넓다: to be wide, broad
37. 뚱뚱하다: to be fat, overweight
38. 통통하다: to be chubby
39. 날씬하다: to be slim, slender
40. 깡마르다: to be skinny, scrawny
41. 덥다: to be hot (regarding weather)
42. 뜨겁다: to be hot (regarding touch, objects)
43. 따뜻하다: to be warm (regarding both weather and objects)
44. 춥다: to be cold (regarding weather)
45. 차갑다: to be cold, icy, chilly (regarding touch, objects)
46. 싸늘하다: to be chilly, frosty
47. 습하다: to be damp, moist, humid
48. 건조하다: to be dry
49. 흐리다: to be cloudy
50. 좋다: to be good, fine
51. 어렵다: to be difficult
52. 쉽다: to be easy
53. 깨끗하다: to be clean
54. 더럽다: to be dirty
55. 빠르다: to be fast
56. 천천하다: to be slow
57. 느리다: to be slow
58. 급하다: to be urgent
59. 늦다: to be late
60. 이르다: to be early
61.똑똑하다: to be smart, clever
62. 멍청하다: to be stupid, foolish
63. 싸다: to be cheap
64. 비싸다: to be expensive
65. 새롭다: to be new, fresh
66. 오래되다: to be old (regarding objects)
67. 튼튼하다: to be strong, sturdy
68. 씩씩하다: to be brave
69. 약하다: to be weak, feeble
70. 건강하다: to be healthy
71. 쓰다: to be bitter
72. 짜다: to be salty
73. 시큼하다: to be sour
74. 맵다: to be spicy
75. 달콤하다: to be sweet
76. 기름지다: to be fatty, greasy, oily
77. 맛있다: to be delicious, tasty
78. 맛없다: to be not tasty
79. 가득하다: to be full, crammed
80. 비어 있다: to be empty
81. 나쁘다: to be bad, poor
82. 딱딱하다: to be hard, stiff
83. 뾰족하다: to be sharp, pointed
84. 부드럽다: to be soft
85. 말랑하다: to be soft, tender, ripe
86. 촉촉하다: to be moist
87. 축축하다: to be damp, clammy, wet
88. 젖다: to get wet, damp
89. 건조하다: to be dry, arid
90. 미끄럽다: to be slippery
91. 편하다: to be comfortable
92. 불편하다: to be uncomfortable
93. 괜찮다: to be alright, ok
94. 이상하다: to be weird, strange
95. 복잡하다: to be jammed, crowded
96. 편리하다: to be convenient
97. 다르다: to be different
98. 같다: to be the same
99. 착하다: to be good-natured, nice
100. 비열하다: to be mean, nasty


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